At Hutton Safety Group, we’re doing safety differently.

We provide Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Services while using progressive tools and technology to efficiently deliver our Safety Management programs. In doing so, our clients are successful in engaging their workers on a day-to-day basis, and ultimately fostering a safety-positive culture.

Safety Program Management
Customized Safety and Transportation Manuals
Site Safety Program Development
  Gap Analysis and Project Consulting
Company Training
Auditing Services


Hutton Safety Group is a one stop shop for businesses looking to solidify their corporate Health and Safety. With our solution-based approach to safety program execution, we'll help you remove the administrative burden that HSE creates so you can focus on doing your scope of work.

We are committed to creating solutions in a problem-centric industry. Our goals are to:

  • Provide an efficient platform that engages your staff 
  • Remove the administrative burden out of health and safety management
  • Create an extensive, caring program tailored to your operations


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Hutton Safety Group (HSG) is a proud Canadian Company, working with clients that serve the world with their products and services.  HSG has associated affiliates across Canada and the United States.

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